Lien Management & Medical Funding


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What are the requirements to be a M.A.C. client medical provider?

Providers must be reputable, licensed medical practitioners in good standing with the Medical Board.

Does M.A.C. pay providers up front?

No. M.A.C. manages the the medical provider’s lien(s).

Does M.A.C. insure or guarantee payment to the providers?

No. M.A.C. is not an insurance company.

Does M.A.C. comply with HIPAA guidelines regarding protected health information?

Absolutely. Procedures and policies are in place in order to maintain full compliance with state and federal HIPAA laws.

As a physician, why is a lien important to me?

A lien is your contract for payment for your services. For example, if a patient is cash pay, you are paid up front and need no contract. If the patient has insurance, you have a contract with the insurance provider for payment if the treatment is approved. When neither of these two apply then you are essentially performing medical treatment on credit and your lien is your contract.

Does the injured party or attorney sign a lien?

Yes. Both the injured party and the attorney must sign a lien setting forth their duties and liabilities under the lien agreement for medical services.

What are the up-front costs that have to be paid to M.A.C.?

There are no up-front costs due to M.A.C. We do not control what you bill or how you treat an injured party. We do request that providers set “reasonable” professional fees.

How soon can I expect to be paid?

Payment will be made when the case is resolved by way of settlement or verdict.  It is impossible to determine the exact date of resolution.  However, the statute of limitations requires that a personal injury action be filed within two (2) years of the date of injury. Some settle before the statute; others are contested and suit must be filed.

There are other lien companies out there. Why should I work with M.A.C., and what sets M.A.C. apart?

M.A.C. has 20 years of experience with personal injury lien management and has perfected policies and procedures to protect you.

How do you protect the interest of the providers who evaluate and treat patients on lien?

M.A.C. will give you an informed opinion regarding the level of risk.  M.A.C. will obtain periodic updates and provide you with the status of your case upon request. When the case resolves, M.A.C. will collect payment for all liens held by M.A.C. client medical providers, and disburse the payments.

Our office has a billing company who handles all of our bills, how do you work with them?

M.A.C. will work with a third party billing company the same way it works with the provider.


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