Lien Management & Medical Funding


Easing Your Administrative Burden

M.A.C. is constantly forging new relationships with physicians and other medical providers in order to provide injured parties with a comprehensive array of options for high quality services. We offer our experience and expertise in lien management services to medical professionals willing to treat injured parties pursuant to a lien.

M.A.C. has a long and successful history of getting injured parties the treatment they need and medical providers the payment they deserve. We handle the logistics so our client medical providers can focus on what they do best, and the injured parties can focus on healing.

In essence, M.A.C. will become the liaison between the injured party’s attorney and the medical provider. We evaluate the case, execute the liens, collect and distribute reports and billing, follow up regularly and negotiate and distribute payments all to prevent administrative strain on your offices.

At M.A.C., we have built our reputation on facilitating the best possible outcome for each and every one of our clients.

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