Lien Management & Medical Funding


Freeing You to do What You do Best

M.A.C.’s close relationship with a large and productive group of medical professionals benefits not only injured parties, but their legal representatives as well.

An attorney’s ability to represent his or her client hinges on getting as much information about the client’s medical state as possible, as soon as possible. Timely and comprehensive diagnosis allows an attorney to assess the validity and value of an injury case.

We organize treatment directly with health care providers willing to work on a lien, leaving additional time for the attorney and staff to focus on the legalities of the case. There is no need to waste valuable man-hours on tracking down doctors, scheduling visits and requesting results.  M.A.C. handles it with a system already in place.

In addition, M.A.C. medical funding services benefit injured parties by ensuring they get specific treatment to restore health right away, without being saddled with co-pays or collections.

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