Lien Management & Medical Funding


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Is M.A.C. an insurance company, or acting in the capacity of an insurance company?


How much does your service cost?

Our services to the attorney cost the attorney nothing. The relationship is mutually beneficial: We help you manage this aspect of your case, and you protect the providers’ liens.

Does M.A.C. work with a medical provider close to my client?

Perhaps. M.A.C. has a large number of client medical providers spread across the state, but that is not to say there is a provider in every town along the way.

Does M.A.C. have a list of providers?

No. The initial screening of the case must be done for the protection of the providers, after which you will be given the names of a few providers M.A.C. has worked with so you can choose.

Does M.A.C. perform medical billing?

No. M.A.C. is not involved in the medical billing of any provider or facility, nor is M.A.C. involved in the treatment of any party.

Are M.A.C.’s client medical providers board certified?

Not all of M.A.C.’s client medical providers are board certified, but you can select a board certified provider if you wish. All providers are licensed by the Medical Board of California, which is also where you can find out whether the provider is certified or has ever had any public record actions:

I have a new client who was just released from the hospital. Can you help with those bills as well as the follow-up care?

Sometimes. This would fall under the purview of medical funding, which requires a more intensive review of the client’s file. If qualified, M.A.C. may buy the bills to keep them from going to collection while the personal injury case is pending.

What are the provider’s professional fees for an evaluation?

M.A.C. does not set the fees of its client medical providers; they set their own, and M.A.C. does not control that.

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